Nini Gridley


Private consultations with Nini, in person or over the phone, are available for adults, children or pets. To schedule an appointment call 518-460-1164 or email Nini at

Initial sessions are usually 60 minutes in length. Follow up sessions and can be as brief as necessary to "check-in" about your feelings and the efficacy of the Bach Flower remedy. All sessions are completely confidential. Session fees are based on an $80 hour and the fee varies according to the length of the consultation.

A unique Bach Flower Remedy is blended for you from the 38 original Bach Flower Remedies to address the emotional imbalance presented. Bach Flower Remedies are effective for alleviating difficult emotional states, restoring harmony and supporting well being. To learn more about the entire system, Nini offers workshops, Bach Basics and Level One that lead to international certification and give students the knowledge to select Bach Essences effectively. 

In consultations and workshops you will learn more about these products that are exported worldwide from England to your local health food store. Reduce stress, restore yourself and heal with these gentle and cost effective Bach Flower remedies.

Bach Products