Nini Gridley

Initial Consultation

The initial session is usually an hour of confidential conversation in which up to six Bach flower essences are selected and blended into a unique remedy that will be taken by the client over the next two weeks. The minimum dosage suggested is "four drops, four times a day" but the remedy can be taken more often as necessary. The recommended course is to take two consecutive bottles of the same unique remedy which will last approximately 30 days and include a full lunar cycle.


Follow up

As soon as the bottle reaches 1/4 remaining, a follow up "check-in" should be scheduled to review the progress. This confidential conversation can be in person or over the phone and will determine whether the remedy has been effective. In most cases the initial remedy will be repeated for the second bottle. The check-in fee is based on the length of the consultation and can be as brief as 15 minutes. Clients can continue taking Bach Flower remedies as long as they feel they are helping. Consultations are scheduled in advance by appointment.


Sessions with Children

Bach Flowers are gentle and effective for children. Consultations are scheduled with parents and children together in flexible locations. Childhood fears and insecurities can be eased gently and effectively whether they are the result of illness, trauma or developmental difficulties. 


Animals and Pets

There is no charge to clients for conversations about how to use Bach Flower Essences with animals and pets. To learn more about their particular effectiveness inquire about the pet reference chart.