Nini Gridley

Nini Gridley, MS Ed
Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner
Professional Kripalu Yoga Teacher
Sacred Centers Teacher & Healer

How do you really feel? Scared? Tired?

Transform your stressful emotions your body, mind & spirit - easily and naturally!

Life is stressful! Nini is an experienced, certified teacher and trained healer prepared to offer you methods and practices that bring gentle openings to help you awaken, balance, heal and thrive. 

Are you discouraged? Overwhelmed? Fearful? Or grieving a loss? These are just some of the common emotional states that can be resolved with Bach Original Flower Remedies. Individual consultations are a confidential opportunity to discuss your emotional concerns and blend simple solutions to gently promote your well being.

Feeling blocked? Learn more about the chakra system to understand how to balance your unique energy system. Take a workshop to discover your excesses and deficiencies and clear the path for more light and love in your life. Learn how simple Kripalu yoga practices can transform longstanding imbalances gently over time.

Make a "MoonWish" at the New Moon, the best time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Enjoy the MoonWish CD or MP3 every month at home.


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Practice the simple principles of the manifesting current of the chakras and connect with the sacred cycle of the moon in this gentle guided meditation.

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Moonwish CD

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BIEP Level 1 - May 4-5, 2019